What are Candy’s qualifications?

Candy holds qualifications in personal training, nutrition, pilates, reformer pilates, positive practice for pelvic floor, pre & post natal and more. Candy is also constantly staying up to date with industry news and research to ensure she delivers her clients the best service!

What happens when I purchase an e-book?

Once you purchase your e-book a copy will be emailed to you to allow you to get started on your new, healthy lifestyle straight away! This is a digital version. If you have any queries please email info@candybrownefitness.com

I didn’t receive my e-book after purchasing?

Please email info@candybrownefitness.com and we will be more than happy to resolve any issues!

What if I am at a beginner’s level but still want to train with Candy?

If you are based in Toowoomba, head to the ‘Train with Candy’ tab and pop your name on her wait list. Candy will also be releasing a variety of different e-books which will be for varying levels of fitness. If you have any other queries feel free to email info@candybrownefitness.com